Egg Pin Wheels for Parties & Picnics

Egg and spring onion pinwheels

These super simple pin wheels always get attention at pot luck picnics and they make a tasty lunch too.
Pin wheels are something of a hero on pintrest and you can really have any filling you chose, I like egg and spring onion for summer picnics and the little flecks of spring onion do make it a pretty little pin wheel.

2 hard boiled eggs
A thinly sliced spring onion
1 tortilla
A tablespoon of mayonnaise

Take the two cooled and peeled hard boiled eggs
Mash them together with a spoonful of mayonnaise and the thinly sliced spring onion

leave some space at edge of tortilla

Spread the egg mix thickly the tortilla, leaving a little space around the edge of the tortilla as the mixture will spread out as you roll up the tortilla.

wrap tightly to keep the cylindrical shape

Roll the tortilla into a cylinder shape and wrap it tightly clingfilm
Refrigerate for an hour, this stops the tortilla unrolling when sliced
Then slice the tortilla into wheels of about 2cm in thickness

My Nan has been making this recipe for years and it always reminds me of her when I make them. You can mix the boiled eggs with any filling you like, egg and cress is the classic and egg and salsa is also surprisingly good too.

This is my entry to BritMums #eggmaininminutes