Glossy Bread Plait

Have you been watching Paul Hollywood's new TV show on Mondays? I have, men that bake are rather dashing and if all the reviews are anything to go by more people are tuning into ogle Paul than the bread and the bread is amazing.

Paul Hollywoods glossy bread plait

The slow mo kneading shots do make me giggle, it reminds me of an episode of CSI but it's great work a real feast of doughy food porn. Paul is really passionate as he meets local artisans. The first episode had me wanting to move into a windmill. I keep waiting for a catch phrase to crop up but so far it it's blissfully catchphrase free.

plait bread dough
Plait bread dough

I have my very own dashing King of Bread in Trevor. He is a whizz when it comes to dough and is passionately against processed store bought breads and pastries, only homemade goodness for us which he lovingly makes every couple of days. He bashed out this exquisite plait last night, it's not going to last for long. I usually have the sweetest tooth but bread trumps it every time, I don't think you can beat a warm piece of fresh bread.