Starting My Window Garden

I am itching to turn a little slice of land into my own bountiful veg patch, maybe when we move next time we'll have a garden. For now I know there's lot's I can be doing with my sunny little window ledge. I adore fresh herbs in coking so for now my priority to get a crop growing that will keep me going through the summer. While the space isn't big enough to go outside the sash window rolls up and I think I can tether a couple of trellis tubs to the railings. I did have a little pot of thyme out there but it blew into the guttering so I need to make sure anything I put out there is secure.

Shrewsbury castle window box herb garden
I think my window box under the castle
has great potential
Over the weekend we had snow which is fairly unusual for this late in March but I popped down to Wilkinson and picked up seeds and plant pots. They also had some pretty ceramic pots, I checked the plastic plant pots fit into them so I can pick them up down the line but for now I didn't want to spend a fortune.

wilkinson receipt
I started my window box for under £5
The seeds and plant pots came in at less than £5. As I'm only potting up 3 pots I scrounged some soil from my mom who has a giant garden and super green thumb. There weren't soil bags small enough for just a couple of pots in the shop.

The seeds were 3 for 2 and I decided on picking up basil, chives and parsley as these are the ones I use most prominently when cooking. Some packets of seeds were 80p other brands were £1.70 I couldn't see what the difference was other than the expensive ones had a little plastic tab that you could put into the pot so you knew what you were growing. I went for the cheap ones, time will tell if this was a good decision. I have signed up for some seeds catalogues, I don't really know what I'm looking for so I thought I'd do some research on what's out there.

Also, this weekend I saved some sweet pointed pepper seeds, it was from an organic variety so rather than throw them away I though I'd dry them out then see if I can get them going too.
I'm really excited about starting my little window garden and already planning what I'll do with the lovely herbs and veg I'm going to grow.