Roast Courgette Salad With Toasted Buckwheat

This is a lovely light lunch and toasted buckwheat makes a healthy alternative to croutons, they are really nutty and bring a crunchy texture to the salad.

roast courgette toasted buckwheat salad
Toasted Buckwheat adds texture to the salad

1 Courgette
2 tbsp buckwheat
100g cherry tomatoes
Half a cucumber
Half a Spanish salad onion
A small red pepper
A tsp whole grain mustard
2 tbs yogurt
Large lettuce leaves for serving

Dice courgette and half cherry tomatoes roast for 15 mins
Add the buckwheat to the roasting tray spreading it in a fine layer and bake for a further 10 minutes.
Dice the remaining vegetables to similar sized cubes

filled lettuce leaves

For the dressing mix the mustard and yogurt together

lettuce cups plates

Serve the roasted and diced veg on a large lettuce leaf, layering the dressing between the vegetables. Sprinkle with the toasted buckwheat and a drizzle of good quality olive oil