Greek God inspired Honey, Mustard and Coriander Turkey

honey mustard coriander turkey
Greek God Inspired Honey, Mustard and Coriander Turkey
Greek Gods have been running a recipe challenge and I was keen to give it a go.

The challenge
Come up with a heavenly recipe that would even tickle Aphrodite's tastebuds!
You just need to incorporate any of the four divine, honey infused flavors of Greek Gods in an original, love inspired recipe for two people. 

We both had the yogurt for breakfast with a banana (we couldn't wait until tea time to try it), it's really thick and unctuously creamy. Greek yogurt is strained to remove excess water which makes it much thicker than regular yogurt. I was torn whether to go savory or sweet with this challenge, the honey yogurt is quite sweet and it would work well with a fresh fruit pavlova but I went savory and last night for tea we enjoyed a romantic dish of...

Honey, Mustard and Coriander Turkey

Greek God Yoghurt recipe
Greek God inspired Honey, Mustard and Coriander Turkey


8 tbs Greek God Honey Yogurt
2 tsps whole grain mustard
A large handful chopped fresh coriander
A medium sized onion, finely diced
250g turkey breast

Serve with pasta, broccoli and slivered almonds

To balance the sweetness of the Greek honey yogurt add whole grain mustard and coriander to it and stir to combine.

Dice the turkey and marinate in a couple of spoonfuls of the yogurt mix for an hour, set the rest aside. The acidity of the yogurt will tenderise the meat while the flavors are infusing.

marinate turkey
Marinate for an hour

Fry the onion and add the marinated turkey breast to the pan, fry until lightly browned.

While the turkey is cooking put the pasta and broccoli on to boil.

fry yogurt
Add the yogurt sauce
after the turkey is cooked
Greek yogurt is a great alternative to cream but I do find that it has more of a tendency to curdle, this is usually because it gets overheated which can easily be combated by adding the yogurt just before serving. After the turkey is thoroughly cooked turn the heat off and add the sauce (that you set aside earlier) to the hot pan. The residual heat is enough to warm the sauce and it will not curdle.

Serve over pasta with broccoli and scatter with slivered almonds

turkey pasta broccoli
Serve with pasta, broccoli and slivered almonds

*Greek Gods provided their yoghurt for this recipe challenge