Baked Taco Filling

baked taco filling
Baked Taco Filling

If I'm in a hurry I'm not adverse to picking up some premade products to get tea together quickly.  I recently discovered Taco mix. Discovery have a whole range of Mexican themed products for a Mexican home feast.

This one is super easy:
You Need
A packet of taco mix
A jar of salsa
A tin of tomatoes
4 chicken breasts cut into thick strips
A packet of taco shells
Grated cheese & lettuce to serve

Mix the salsa & tinned tomatoes together then add the taco mix

upperware blue bowl wooden spoon

Place the chicken breasts in a shallow oven proof dish and bake in the oven for 45 minutes, until the chicken starts to break up

taco mixraw chicken breast

Sever the chicken with lettuce and cheese in the taco shells.

The sauce is thick and has a great colour and spice to it. The vinegar from the salsa really works well with the spice mix and gives the sauce a thick base. The sauce is thick and has a great colour, the sweetness from the tinned tomatoes off set the spice and the vinegar which is what gives this odd combination a great balance.
cheese topped taco
Top your taco with cheese

I'm not keen on these taco shells, they were very cardboardy. In the future I'll stick to making the tortillas myself which can easily be done while the chicken is cooking but for tacos in a hurry these were not half bad.