Chocolate Balloon Bowls

Chocolate Bowls

Since I posted this on my Facebook page a couple of months ago I've been waiting for the right opportunity to try it myself.

It was a bit messy and didn't turn out as tall as I'd hoped. I also had to enlist an extra pair of hands to get the balloon out but the end results were worth it and I'll certainly be giving it another try.

You will need
A balloon
A bit of oil
100g of chocolate

Chocolate balloon cup

I put a blob of oil onto a piece of kitchen roll and wiped it over the balloon. It stops the chocolate from sticking and you don't get rubbery balloon tasting chocolate either.

Cover the top of
the balloon completely

I melted the chocolate in the microwave and then stirred it for 5 mins while it cooled down

I drizzled the chocolate down the balloon, swirling the lower parts of the drizzles together to make sure the bottom part of the balloon was totally coated, this is the bit that form the chocolatey bowl.

I sat the balloon in a glass and left it to set. I couldn't get it to set on the side in the kitchen so had to place it in the fridge but luckily it didn't bloom.

The chocolate bowl
does sit on a flat place once set

I pierced the balloon and gently let the air our. Some of the chocolate did break off (it didn't go to waste!)  it all adds to the higgeldy piggedly charm.

I used the bowl to serve raspberry tofu pudding