A Worthy Snack For Watching Great British Bake Off

It's Great British Bake Off tonight! 
It's one of the few shows I put the TV on for and watch at it's scheduled time, most programs I watch on catch up but this one I have to see "live" because I just know the result will revealed to me no matter how much I avoid my Facebook news feed and also, I just can't wait to see it!

peanut butter cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies

Now, this show is going to make you hungry (and fill you with the desire bake the night away) so I try to have snacks on hand.
Remember, when picking your snack that you are going to be feasting your eyes on some amazing home baking, as a self confessed foodie nothing is going to leave me feeling more inadequate than a nibbling a ghastly store bought foil wrapped biscuit while debating which showstopper is going to flop, crumble, sink, fall on the floor, be raw inside.

cookies in oven
I didn't sit in front of the oven watching these bake

Last years Great British Bake Off Winner was Jo Wheatley and she has a sweet little book called A Passion For Baking, the recipes are simple, easy to follow and well illustrated. Many of them make perfect smug snacks for your contestant critiquing. Really, I'm awful, I loose all control and turn into one of those monstrous people that talk to the TV when GBBO is on. Do I really think I could do better?

Jo's peanut butter cookies are ready in no time. I'm not very good at following a recipe, it's used more as a jumping off point. So these have almond butter and cocoa powder too, whip yourself up a batch after tea and enjoy the show.

Who are you routing for tonight? It's pretty much a dead cert we'll be baking whatever they do tonight at the weekend, I'm compiling a mental shopping list as I watch, critique and snack -  what a mulit tasker!

A Passion For Baking is worth checking out. Jo also has a fab blog and is really engaged with her Facebook audience which I find really endearing, she seems just like any one of us and she runs a competition each month asking you to cook a certain recipe from her book and post the picture.

Tonight, the contestants are doing biscuits too. Check it out BBC 2 at 8pm