Spring Rolls in the lid of the Tupperware Expressions bowl

I love simple spring rolls in the hot weather because they are nice and light.
Filled with salad they are great for a nice refreshing lunch but you can use any filling you like.

Spring Roll Ingredients
Spring Roll Ingredients
You Will Need
The lid of the 1.3l Tupperware expressions bowl
Mixed salad leaves
Pea shoots
Spring onion
A packet of rice flour pancakes

Because of the lip on the lid 1.3l Expressions bowl you can fill it with water it is also the perfect size to fit a rice flour pancake. Once wet the rice flour pancakes become malleable and easy to roll. Dip a pancake into the water filled lid of the Tupperware Expression bowl for a few seconds. When it has softened remove it and pat it dry. Your pancake should be slightly sticky but not slimy. 

Blue Dragon rice flour pancakes
Blue Dragon rice flour pancakes

Lay the pancake out flat and add you choice of filling.

how to roll a spring rollhow to roll a spring roll

I had freshly picked salad leaves and pea shoots from the garden, stripes of cucumber and spring onion

I also added salami and a little mayonnaise. 
Instead of putting mayonnaise inside the roll you may like to dip the finished Spring roll into a soy and chilli dipping sauce.

Harumaki Raw Spring Rolls
Then you roll the pancake up to make the spring roll. I had a bit of an assembly line going on last night.
The expression bowl lid was on the table and the next pancake was soaking while all the assembling was going on.

This recipe was written when I was a Tupperware consultant. I originally launched Foodie Laura as blog to promote Tupperware utilising recipes which is why you will find Tupperware heavily mentioned in these early posts.