Super Smooth Chocolate Meringue Pie with the Tupperware Sifter

Super Smooth Chocolate Meringue Pie with the Tupperware Sifter
 You Will Need
Short crust Jus Roll pastry 
2gg dark chocolate
1 tbs cocoa powder
130g flour
375ml milk
tsp vanilla
2 egg yolks
1 tbs butter
3 egg whites
6 tbs caster sugar

Last week it was Jus Roll's National Pie week. This pie is perfect for my sweet tooth, chocolate and meringue - what more could you want. The secret to keeping the filling super smooth is using the Tupperware Back to Basics flour sifter, it gets lot's of air into the filling and gets rid of the lumps.

blind bake ready roll pie crustraw ready roll pie crust

Roll out the short crust pastry and blind bake until lightly golden.

pan heat chocolate custard fillingwhisk hot chocolate steam custard

Mix all of the filling ingredients together (except the butter)over a medium heat. Beat the mixture well to remove any lumps. Stir continuously and the mixture will slowly thicken. When the mixture has reached a thick consistency remove from the heat. this takes about 10-15 minutes. Stir the butter into the mixture this will loosen it slightly and give the filling a glossy finish.

Chocolate Meringue PieSuper Smooth Chocolate Meringue Pie

Add the filling to the pie case

whisk meringue stiff peaks

Whisk the egg white and sugar to soft peaks to make the meringue

stiff peakslightly browned meringue

Add the meringue onto of the pie filling and bake on a medium heat for ten minutes until the meringue browns lightly.

Super Smooth Chocolate Meringue Pie slice

This recipe was written when I was a Tupperware consultant. I originally launched Foodie Laura as blog to promote Tupperware utilising recipes which is why you will find Tupperware heavily mentioned in these early posts.