High Iron Apricot Tupperware Snack Bars

High Iron Apricot Tupperware Snack Bars
High Iron Apricot Tupperware Snack Bars
 This recipe is a revamp of home economics project from when I was at school. I had to design and make a high iron dessert. I made an apricot cheesecake, it is the base of that cheesecake that was the inspiration for these snack bars. They are made with Special K and black treacle both of which are packed full of iron. Pop one of these in your Tupperware Snack Box and chase away those afternoon energy slumps.

Your Tupperware Snack Bar Maker Kit
2 Cups of fortified cereal like Kelloggs Special K
20 dried apricots (diced)
1 tbsp of black treacle
100g dark chocolate

High Iron Apricot Tupperware Snack BarsHigh Iron Apricot Tupperware Snack Bars
Crush the cereal roughly with your hands and add the black treacle and apricots.

 Mix the ingredients together so all of the cereal flakes are coated with the treacle.

filled Tupperware Snack Bars mould
Tupperware Snack Bars individulal mould

Use the measuring cup to dispense the mixture into the Tupperware Snack Bar Maker tray. This helps to keep the bars an even size. These are giant 100ml bar, for less dense bars only fill the measuring cup to the 50 ml mark

tupperware mould high iron chocolate cereal bar

Press the mixture down into the tray so the bars are tightly packed in. 
The cereal bars I buy in the shop have a chocolate base so I couldn't resist adding a strip of melted dark chocolate to the base of these ones too.
release chocolate iron apricot cereal bars
Leave the bars to set in the fridge, ideally overnight but for at least a couple of hours. 
When the bars have set tip the Snack Bar Maker Tray up and gently tap the bottom and the bars  drop out.

This recipe was written when I was a Tupperware consultant. I originally launched Foodie Laura as blog to promote Tupperware utilising recipes which is why you will find Tupperware heavily mentioned in these early posts.