Chocolate Cherry Brownies in Tupperware Silicone Form

Chocolate Cherry Brownies Tupperware Silicone Form
Chocolate Cherry Brownies
In Tupperware Silicone Form

I speared these irresistible Chocolate Cherry Brownies with invitation flags and handed them out as invites for my Tupperware party.

Chocolate Cherry Brownies Tupperware Silicone Form Ingredient list
Choc Cherry Brownie
You will need

3 tbs light olive oil
150g dark chocolate
75g plain flour
30g coco powder
100g chocolate chips
75g dried cherries
3 large eggs

Preheat oven to 150C
Melt the butter and dark chocolate together then add the oil
Place aside and allow to cool

Chocolate Cherry Brownies Tupperware Silicone Form melt chocolate
Melted chocolate

Crack 3 large eggs into your Tupperware bowl & whisk in the sugar
whisk eggs sugar Tupperware pro mixing bowl

Add the coco powder & flour from your Tupperware sifter
Beat the mixture together

chocolate dribble Tupperware pro mixing bowl

Add the cool melted chocolate to the mixture and beat together until dark and filled with air bubbles

chocolate melted bubbles Tupperware pro mixing bowl
Stir the chocolate chips through the mixture

chocolate chips Tupperware pro mixing bowl

chocolate Tupperware silicone brownie mould

Fill up the silicone mould. Each cup of the mold takes around a spoonful and a half of mixture.
I struggled to do this neatly as I was holding the camera (that's my excuse).
If you do over fill the mold just wipe off the excess with a damp cloth before putting it in the oven

I wanted to ensure an equal distribution of the cherries 3 into each cup of the mold so I pressed these into the mixture once it was filled.

rising oven chocolate brownies Tupperware silicone brownie mould

The rectangular mold is deep and gives you lovely deep Brownies. These will take a little longer than regular flat ones  to cook through so I recommend cooking them on a medium heat for 15 mins to ensure the brownies get cooked through.

After 15 mins check the mixture with the end of a coctail stick the mixture should be cooked and no longer like a batter or paste. If a little "cake" sticks on the cocktail stick this is okay as brownies are more moist than a regular cake. 

brownie fingers cooling rack

Turn out onto a cooling rack by gently pressing the bottom of the mould.

This recipe was written when I was a Tupperware consultant. I originally launched Foodie Laura as blog to promote Tupperware utilising recipes which is why you will find Tupperware heavily mentioned in these early posts.